Saturday, July 19, 2014

First Week at the MTC in Provo, Utah July 9 - July 16

                                                         My Zone at the MTC


I can't believe I'm finally here at the MTC! That's crazy! 

"Lift up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of your mission is come." D&C 31: 3


I have met soooo many amazing people here at the MTC--one being my AWESOME companion! Her name is Sister Phenicie (like Tennessee but with a "ph" at the beginning) and she has already changed my life! We are already best friends...I can't believe I have only known her for 5 days! She was supposed to be at the MTC earlier but before her mission she got really sick and they had to delay her date! We're convinced it's because if she didn't come the day she did, we wouldn't have been companions! Or best friends. She's from Hawaii but wants to go to culinary school after her mission at UVU. Her testimony is SO strong...she ALWAYS makes me laugh..and we made a SISTER MISSIONARY RAP! I recorded the audio so hopefully I can send it to you soon. you're going to love it. 

So--this is a funny story...when I was at BYU and started thinking about a mission, I went to my roommate's polynesian ward on Sunday so i could watch her sing in church. We went to the missionary prep class after and the teacher was SO good. He just knew how to have fun in the lessons and was super enthusiastic about the gospel--plus, the Spirit was always so strong when he taught. He's amazing. I literally turned over to my roommate and said "Okay, if HE was my MTC teacher...I would totally go on a mission." Well...GUESS WHAT...first day, I walk into our classroom and GUESS WHO'S THERE! Brother T! Just goes to show you how much God's hand REALLY is in your life!


That time when your district is needs to watch an orientation video and you and your companion can't figure out why your headphones aren't try everything. restart the computer...switch to different computers 5 times...switch to different computer LABS...try to unplug chords and reassemble wires...until finally, someone leaves over to you and informs you that you were using the wrong headphones. "Oh...your headphones are on the left. Not the right." Awkward. 

You lead the sisters in your district through some workouts in the morning (bright and early! :)) and when you realize you don't have dumbbells say..."Okay, everyone go grab as many quads as you can!"

You're called as the sister training leader and realize you have to give the new missionaries coming in a tour of the MTC...and then you realize that you don't know where anything is because you're directionally challenged.

You have devotionals in the Marriott Center and BYU memories flood your mind :) 


Dang...I wish I had more time to write! :( I have so much to say! Every day I write at least 10 pages in my journal about what happened or what I have learned. I've been learning A TON...but the two things that have stuck out to me the most this week are:

"There is little growth in a comfort zone and little comfort in a growth zone." I LOVE THAT! The MTC has pushed me out of my comfort zone so much this past week--but I AM SO GRATEFUL. Take that to heart. Remember that. 

We have also learned a lot about God's love this week and about the Atonement. "If you will only allow His divine love into your life, it can dress any wound, heal any hurt, or soften any sorrow." --President Uchtdorf 

Send me all your addresses and I'll send you some mail! This 1 hour of email time has gone by waayyy too quickly and I still have so much I want to share with all of you!! 

Well..I have to go :( but the church is true!! Love you :)

Sister Bracey 

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